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Winter cold

Good morning All  !

A tiny bit warmer this morning than the temps from the past weekend, heading from the high tunnel checking on the sheep last Saturday , I glanced up at the moon and saw a contrail with this snow dog surrounding the moon.. I thought that I would share my late night photo opportunity with you all. A late night miracle ,I watched until I got so chilly that I had to head in

Our baby lambs are beginning to arrive, we have 2 healthy bouncy boys in the lambing pens with their moms and the promise (or threat) of many, many more to come. For me , this is a living gift, and affirmation of spring and the turning of our seasons… daylength is beginning to be noticeable, and next week I begin the winter pruning of the fruit trees, blueberries and raspberries!

So, our produce continues to be wonderful, I can see the beginnings of potatoes that are thinking about sprouting, we will have to start the sorting process in earnest now. Please let me know how we can fill your pantry and soup pots!]I remain appreciative of your continued support of local foods, farms and our excellent Maine artisans!   We are in the early  stages of farmers market planning 

And it looks to be another great one….

Grateful for all of you,

Stay warm!


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