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Community Supported Agriculture

What is CSA?

It is a direct link from farm to family. In exchange for an early season investment you will receive a "share" of the products of the farm each week for the duration of the season.

Become a localvore, Join Valley View Farm's CSA! Localvore is a new word that describes a person who focuses on eating locally grown food. Discover the joys of eating local by joining our CSA.

How our CSA works...

Valley View Farm's CSA program is a credit based system. Your purchase of shares by June 1, 2024 will entitle you to the value of your investment plus a one time ten percent Spring Bonus. You can then spend your credit throughout the growing season on anything we produce at the farm or offer for sale from our neighboring farms. Unlike some CSAs who decide what you get each week, you are free to select from anything we have available during our season. You can purchase throughout the season, or you can spend all your credit at one time on one item. For example if you enjoy wild Maine blueberries, you can use all your credit at one time to purchase bulk boxes of great tasting blueberries (and we have CSA customers that do just that!)

Further, we will not ask you to drive to our farm to pick up your share. You can use your credits at either of the two Farmers Market locations we currently work. (Cumberland & Falmouth) Don't worry about bringing cash or writing a check, just come pick out some delicious, nutritious produce and we'll take care of deducting your purchases from your balance.

How much is a share?

The cost per share is $200.00. With each share purchased before June 1st, we will add 10% to your credit. For example, if you purchase 3 shares by June 1st, you will have $660.00 to spend throughout the 18 week season. Shares purchased after June 1st do not qualify for the 10% bonus.

We will also give credit for working at the farm. These "work shares" are worked on an individual basis based on availability and skills. Please contact Kathy for more information. (207) 320-1969)

What we offer to our members:

If you purchase a share, you become a member of our CSA. As a member you will receive excellent value. You will get your pick of all the products we offer through our farmer's market booth including, but not limited to, seedlings, eggs, meats, produce, flowers, breads, cookies, and lots of other great products. We hope to add canned foods, dried foods, herbs, and pies next year to our market mix.

How do I join Valley View Farm's CSA?

Click here to print out an application. Fill it out, enclose a check and send it to us. We will notify you by either phone or email to welcome you to the Valley View Farm family.

What We Offer

Valley View Farm offers locally grown produce, dairy, and protein from here at our own farm, as well as special products gathered from other local farms. CSA members can place their orders each week and expect delivery to your door on Friday.

Join our CSA program!

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