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Topsy turvy weather!

Good golly, just wait a moment and the weather will change…. Early spring to WINTER !!!!

We managed to make it through the weekend storm with 10 inches of  snow topped off by rain…. But along the coast, my many garden friends tell me that they got SLAMMED by ice…. And since my weekday time is spent in Augusta, 

 the only day I make it down to the Portland area ( right now) is Friday delivery day.  I hope that you all have had power and heat restored and downed trees removed !!!!

Easter weekend coming up and we have some great medium sized hams in the freezer… order today to reserve yours, and I will drop it off Friday.

And eggs of all sizes, our feathered ladies are laying  in abundance, whites, greens and browns, and goose eggs too!

 On the food list this week, pardon the shamrock photo of Miss Violet, I had 2 great photos of her in her Easter finery, but my helper that formats the food list has not been able to work on it the past few weeks ,  So……… this is another skill I need to teach myself, ARG !

Grateful for all of you that have been supporters of local foods and our wonderful Maine farms!!

Let me know how I can fill your pantry,

Happy Spring (almost),


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