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Heading out to the high tunnel this morning, just barely sunrise and the skies were inspiring in the colors, streaks of pink and deep deep rose, it was a wonderful start to the morning, and THEN, walking into the high tunnel O…..M…. G…….. our lamb population increased over night from 8 to 14 (!!!!) lovely healthy babies, one set of twins and the rest all singles……. What a heartwarming and soul satisfy beginning to this farmers day!

My “cup” ( and lambing pens) runneth over!  I have another 10 ewes to lamb out but have never had such a bounty in one night.

Recycling is on everyones’ mind these days… how can we reduce our household consumption and waste? Well, the yankee thrifty gal in me welcomes all those empty egg cartons, canning jars and paper bags that we can reuse! It cuts  the waste on your part, we reuse what we can, paper items we  compost into the compost pile and it helps our bottom line when we can reuse those items that can have more than one life! Thank you all so very much for the returns we receive every week! New egg cartons cost about 85.cents each and I welcome the reuse of your cartons!

Corned beef in on the order sheet for Saint Patty’s Day… please place your order soon, what we have on reserve will go quickly !

Grateful for your continued support, I cannot repeat it often enough, my grateful appreciative thanks  for each and every one of you!

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Good morning All, 

Our baby lamb total now stands at 8 healthy happy bouncy babies! They are so very very cute! We have so many more to come, and I enjoy every single one of them. So far no needy bottle babies and while I do enjoy one or two it is also a very very good thing to have “Mom” take care of these little bundles of joy!

Lovely longer days are happening now, noticeable ( by an hour) increase in sunlight, the air feels different and the light feels different too….get out and grab some sunshine , it is joyous and energizing!

Pat has made some awesome Mashed potato Soup for our food list this week. Made with local potatoes ,garlic, onion,butter and vegetable stock. It is a smooth soup and truly satisfying.

We still have a good supply of winter vegetables, , potatoes are beginning to recognize the early spring signs and  the eyes are starting to become more noticeable…… 

Delivery will be Friday this week, and I look  forward to hearing from you!

Grateful thanks for your solid support of local foods, farms and excellent small producers !

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Good VERY chilly morning All!

Walking into the high tunnel yesterday to do my early morning feeding, I was just in time to witness the birth of our latest new baby girl!

Amazing to me that these little ones stand within 5 minutes of their entrance onto earth and will begin feeding not long afterwards….

This brings our total to three as of today and there will be many, many more to come. Being born in the colder winter months guarantees healthy  bouncy babies that (usually) need no extra care…. Their moms are vigilant, very protective and provide them with so much more than this well meaning (me)but often inept caregiver. Hopefully there will only be one or two bottle babies this season….. so the beginning is strong for Valley View Farm’s “Gang of Babes”, as the weeks wear on they will become little thugs that will run rampant over their moms, tipping over water and feed bowls and making me laugh each and ever time I walk into their pens with their antics..

It is CSA sign up time at the farm as I begin to plan the late winter /early planting planting schedules, and we have included the sign up form in this mailing.

Please feel free to email me with questions about our CSA….

The Red Shed farm store is only open one day a week this season, 

Saturday 12-5…

Pat has been making and offering for sample and sale soups and stews made with locally sourced and grown ingredients…. Stop over to try and buy!

And as always, my grateful thanks for your support of local foods ,local farms, and excellent small Maine businesses!

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