Good Morning All!

Babies abound ! Baby chicks, soon to hatch ducklings, quail ,goslings, rabbits and KITTENS! Anyone looking for a cute little kitten? These little ones are from our barn cats . Our cats are excellent mousers, very adept at feeding themselves and quite small when full grown. While their parents are not friendly to pat, I collect their babies when just weaned and raise them in the house for a week or so to get them used to litter boxes and being held. I have 6 available right now, 2 tigers, 2 black with white splashes and 2 marmalade … let me know if you might be interested! We are coming to the end of fiddleheads and ramps, our season is rapidly marching on! I will have fresh shiitake mushrooms this week, just had a farmer call and ask if I would take his crop , so, let me know if you are interested.. $14.00 pound ! Asparagus has been so tender and tasty, and while I do not have any fresh strawberries this week, I still have frozen that would be delicious with rhubarb in pies….. Stay strong and healthy my friends and please let me know how I can continue to fill your refrigerators and freezers… whole chicken will be available this week, buy multiples for a better price!

Again as always I appreciate your commitment to local foods and our excellent small Maine farms, and out I go to plant for an hour or so this morning….. Grateful for you all...


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Good Morning all!

Hope that your long holiday weekend is fabulous and that you are able to spend some quality time with friends and family!

This week at the farm, the broiler chickens (meat birds) have been moved out onto the front yard pens, our temps have reached a safe night time temperature so that we do not have to worry about them getting chilled and “piling up”. And that is literally what it means….being a fast growing bird, if they get a bit chilly, they do not have adequate feather coverage to help keep themselves warm and they pile up on each other, suffocating and smothering those most unfortunate to be in the bottoms…. And speaking of which…… we will have 4-5 pound meat chickens available to fill your freezer in the next 2 weeks… if you preorder 5 or more of these birds I will drop the price per pound to $4.50 a pound, feel free to message or email me if you have any questions, I would be glad to arrange a bundle for you ! And we will let a good portion of these birds grow to a larger size 6-8 pounds, I know that some of you want a larger bird, again, please let me know so that we can reserve some for you….

And, I was out last night watching the sun go down with my big lovely furry puppy boys and we spied fireflies dancing in the tall grass in the fields! We used to catch them as little kids and hold them in our hands and watch their little bodies blink off and on…. We could not bring them into the house though , my mom had no tolerance for insects good or bad in the farm house or for that matter pollywogs or little turtles , sigh….

So , I look forward to hearing from you all, a great big thanks to those that picked up orders at market last week, so great to see you !

We will have a good supply of rhubarb and asparagus this week, the fiddlehead and ramp season is beginning to close down, so order those up now, while I still have some supply….

Again, I appreciate your commitment to local foods and our excellent small Maine farms, I am beyond grateful …..


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Good Morning All,

This week at the farm we have been planting ,planting ,planting!

We were fortunate to have a group of student volunteers come last week from our Auburn High School ,Edward Little) to volunteer some hours helping with farm chores…. And what a great job they did! They got all or our seedlings transplanted into larger pots, planted in a large patch of popcorn, mulched up all the asparagus beds and rhubarb beds, pulled old mulch hay out of the chicken coop ,cut out old fence wire that needed replacement, and finished the sawdust mulching around the blueberries!

Wow !!!!! If I only had those 6 pairs of helping hands once every week, what a difference it would make … I am ever so grateful for their help last week!

Now on to our next project! They never end……

But, here is our weekly food list, we have added a few new items: fiddleheads, asparagus and ramps are still in good supply, the rhubarb is plentiful, and our raised beds of beet greens and Swiss chard should be ready by midweek next week!

I hope all are well and enjoying this beautiful spring weather, please let me know how I can fill your frig and pantry with our awesome Maine raised farm foods!

My grateful thanks,


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