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Hello All !

I am hoping that we all got out to enjoy this unprecedented warm stretch!

72 degrees here at the farm, just unreal……………

Our weekend project was to put a brand new “sheet” of 6 mil plastic over our new high tunnel…. We started at 7 am and finished the job by 9:30 am…. This installation needs to happen while there is little to no breeze as the slightest gust of wind would lift you off the ground, and holding onto this massive sail is almost impossible, so crack of dawn is the absolute best time to cover over our new high tunnel… Joe ( my husband) and his good friend Andrew have been putting these coverings on our high tunnels for years so they have a good working system…I run the tractor lifting them up to the peak but primarily stay out of their way, lending a hand as needed……this high tunnel will provide us with another season extending space, and I will plant in the next few weeks a perennial bed of asparagus and spread another sheet of clear older plastic over the remaining space to “solarize” the ground, hoping to rid it of weed seed in preparation for an early spring crop of greens.

We are back onto our winter ordering and delivery schedule (Wednesday order deadline and Friday delivery), and the turkey group grows everyday…. Order yours today ! We are also taking preorders for Christmas holiday hams, duck and goose…..

And as always my grateful thanks for your continued support of our farm and for fresh local foods grown by our excellent small Maine farms!

Stay well!

Ohh and yes, tomorrow is Election Day! If you have already voted , good for you! And if not, take a few moments tomorrow to vote your opinion….

honestly every single vote counts!!!!


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Just like the colorful falling leaves and foliage that makes our fall season in Maine so lovely, we have a seasonal color that appears along the fringes of our forests and fields …..hunter orange ! We do allow a very select few to hunt for deer on our land and as our farm is in the midst of more than 10,000 acres of zoning protected farm and forest land there is plenty of room for the deer to roam and forage. Last week one of “our “ hunters reported seeing a young bear on our lower wooded property and sightings of bobcat, fox and coyotes are frequent as well….

We are through with farmers’ markets for the season, and while always a bit bittersweet for them to end, our weather will now begin to be quite unstable, and these lovely fall days will not be the norm. Setting up markets is an ambitious job at any time of the season, struggling with winds and cold weather creates an obstacle that deters all but the hardiest of vendors as we have seen by the dwindling of market members over the past month. I will miss seeing so many wonderful regular customers….. HOWEVER…. Through our weekly food offering, I can continue to offer to you all farm fresh, locally grown foods . We will be updating our food , spice and holiday pie offering considerably this week, and our list for next week will be quite different….. so , please disregard the order deadline as posted in the file, if orders are received by Wednesday evening, I will gather, compile and deliver Friday afternoon.

Your support of local foods and our excellent small Maine farms is gratefully appreciated, I look forward to hearing from you soon! Off I go to feed the turkeys! Order yours soon!


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Gosh, our fall season is rushing upon us all…. while we have not had a heavy frost here yet, there have been many cool mornings with a coating of frost over all…

Our turkeys continue to thrive and grow and grow and GROW. ! We have them in large pens in the high tunnel and if they are out of food (frequently) and water, my goodness, the racket they put up !100 hungry feathery mouths loudly demanding food and water….hurry hurry HURRY !

This week marks the end of our outdoor market season, and while we continue to hear from our customers that they regret markets coming to an end, we have been blessed by excellent weather for our markets ,not having to cancel one all season long which is a rarity in itself…. Our weather will change soon for the “worst”, colder temps and blustery winds of course… and while enjoying the protection of our portable canopies, no one needs to be at risk of tents becoming flying weapons.. and I have been in many market situations where a sudden gust will lift our canopies for “take off” !

Our delivery schedule will remain the same this week, Friday deliveries will resume the week of Oct 31…..

I hope to hear from you all, please let me know if you desire a turkey to be reserved, all of our fresh turkeys will come with a packet of seasonings, and full instructions on the best way to roast your holiday centerpiece !

And as always, I appreciate your continuing support of local foods, our excellent small Maine farms and local hard working small business folks !


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