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What’s up this week?????

Look at our newest babies! 12 happy big goslings, surrounded and protected by their very vigilant moms and dads…. Don’t EVEN think about getting close to these precious little bundles…you will get a very stern, loud warning and a chase off from their guardians! Not many more intimidating than critters than a goose on the lookout..

The market was very busy Saturday, I will not be at Wednesday market nor Saturday this week, , the best laid plans very often go wonky . So I will make Friday delivery this week and hope to get back into the market routine for next week. I have missed all of my loyal market friends!

Fiddleheads, ramps and I might even have shiitake mushrooms available. Let me know if you’d like some, the logs are just beginning to bloom!

Always glad to hear from you all, and please let me know how I can fill your pantry with fresh local delicious foods!

Memorial Day weekend!

Woo hoo!


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