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This week on the farm

Good morning All,

Seems that the last of our lamb births are behind us and now it is the time for chicks!

 Yesterday, early afternoon , I received a phone call ( an unexpected one at that) from a local feed store that they had  an abundance of 4 day old chicks that they needed to move. And so, I agreed to head over and pick them up….. WELL….. I did not ask HOW MANY  they had , I assumed 10 or 20 , but OH NO….  Over 250 tiny little babies all hollering and yelling . Lucky me, I spent the next 3 hours getting them settled our grocery needs for the week… I do have one corned beef  and located under heat lamps to keep off the chill air and guiding them towards the feeders and water fonts….. A fun time was had by all, mainly ME!

These little babies will be our next flock of egg layers for the later summer markets. 

Day light savings time means longer outside time for me, and after the rains of Saturday night and Sunday ( 5 inches!) there is much erosion and washouts to clean up..

Delivery will be Friday this week, please let me know how we can fill your grocery order with delicious local foods and products! Thankyou to all that ordered in advance our marvelous corned beef, I do have one, just one, left that has not been reserved! 

My grateful thanks for your continued support of our farm and our multiple farm families!

I look forward to talking to you all soon!


Kathy Shaw

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