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The Wonder of Stillness and Auroras

Good afternoon All…….

Hoping that everyone had a peaceful, well deserved gathering with family and friends.

It has been a very quiet few days here at the farm, and by quiet I mean the continuous murmuring of the turkeys during the last few weeks before their “end “date was a slow growing, tough-to-put-a -finger on it sound….. they had been very vocal since mid October , always complaining that they didn’t have enough food ( untrue , their feeders never ran out) low on water, we want to get out of the pens call and finally at dusk, please, please let us back in…… silly big birds…. But now……Silence, it really is golden….

Living at the end of a very rural dead end road, it is always quiet, no traffic, very few road sounds, and at night, pitch black. The stars are brilliant this time of year, so sparkly. I head out whenever I get notice that the northern lights might be on display. I wrap up warmly and sit with my big puppy boys out in the middle of their field and wait and watch for the green and pink glow. My big guys always tug and grab at my wool blanket and want to share, we have to have a little play and then they settle around me in the exquisitely thick fur coats they now “wear” and add another layer of comfort to my outdoor chilly nighttime adventure. The aurora is not ever as bright here as they are further north or out in the middle of the ocean, I still marvel at the shapes as they twist and turn in our sky….. an awesome miracle of our cosmos.

This week we have new prepared food items and new spice blends. A few of our prepackaged foods have no price attached, our chef asked that I add them on and I am waiting for him to get back to me with pricing.

I am grateful for your continuing support of local foods and so many excellent small Maine farms…. Many of you reserved one of our holiday birds and the feedback has been wonderful to hear… thankyou , thankyou, thankyou all so very, very much!

Stay warm,


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