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Thanksgiving...and giving and giving

Giving lots of gratitude ……. To all that ordered turkeys, pies, fixin’s for your holiday meals and especially for the 365 days a year that you all do your very best to buy locally grown food….it can be a struggle at times to buy from local producers, the large grocery stores certainly offer a marvelous temptation of diversity.. I wonder about how many miles that most of the food travels from and how it is treated as it is grown, harvested and shipped to the shopping locations… it boggles MY mind and at times makes my brain hurt.

Anyhow, thanks to all that have sent photos of the holiday birds as they emerged from ovens… so lovely to see, and thanks also for all the great feedback about fresh turkey eating.. I t makes Joe and I happy that we can provide these birds, fresh , raised with the freedom to enjoy their birdie lives ,never caged in tight spaces or force fed. Now, if I can figure out how to download those photos, we will post them onto the website……

Soups are on sale this week, we need the freezer space and we have some great varieties…..

Grateful for all of you, in so very many ways… and grateful that I am able to be doing exactly what I want to be doing… my folks always said to never stand in front of me when I set my mind to something. Even as a tiny little shrimp of a kid, this life is EXACTLY what I have wanted to do. 

Sorry, I couldn’t resist this one……

Have a great week my friends!


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