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“Snow “fooling around!

Good morning All!

Another snowy day on the way! Great time to curl up next to the woodstove in my Mom’s rocking chair and  dream the day away looking at seed catalogs ……NOT!

Sounds lovely, but there are too, too many things to get accomplished here at the farm before we get a layer of snow…

After all of the rain last week, we have been wading through slush, ankle deep water and mud! Good golly  ,the mud! Now, finally that the ground has frozen a bit it is divots, ruts and a layer of ice…. Not ,believe me, that I am complaining, I would rather be right here than almost anyplace else

But in light of all the damage along the coast from the high tides and extra nasty waves, I do consider us to be lucky.. so many folks have lost so much….

And ,to add a little whimsy to our day, I stopped in to the Red She Farm Store when Pat was doing all of her egg washing and look at this cute cute snow person she hung on the wall ! Smarty pants, such a creative use of vintage enamel wash pans! Pat always has great reuse ideas for found things around the farm….

So, our regular delivery day this week will be Friday, looks like the weather will be cold but seasonable, please let me know how we can fill  your pantry !

60 days till official spring, and the days are getting just a tad bit longer ….

As always, my grateful thanks for your ongoing support of local foods and our excellent Maine crafters! I look forward to hearing from you all soon,

Dreaming of dirty knees and hands,


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