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Oh Fiddleheads!

Good morning All!

Heading at a rapid pace into spring, I am fielding calls everyday from foragers trying to find a buyer for their fiddleheads.. it appears to be a bumper crop this year! They are so beautiful this time of year, and delicious too. Please note that my chef has offered up fiddlehead grill packs this week...his grill pack features fiddleheads ,seasoning and butter in a foil pouch ready to pop onto your grill or oven, heat to steaming (about 15-20minutes) and enjoy! Such a short season, authentic taste of Maine. In the coming weeks we will pickle fiddleheads and make pestos with them too!

The rhubarb is growing ,growing, growing, an amazing mound of stems and foliage, seems like I can pick every day and we till have more the next morning.. we will be making jelly ,jam and freezing it too in the weeks ahead!

Asparagus, what can I say about this spring veg that has not been said before? Well, truth be told, not much, but we have PLENTY, and it is so tasty sprayed with a light coat of olive oil, dusted with sea salt and grilled in a cast iron spider (frying pan) . I like to finish it with lemon.

Making my mouth water just thinking of it....

We continue to have a good supply of winter storage vegetables, apples are still in good supply BUT.....BUT..... not as crunchy as they were even a month back....

Just after sending out this email, I will head out to the fields to walk with my very big puppies and harvest dandelion greens for salads and cooked greens, all my “old timey “friends from when I lived on Cliff Island would call me right about now and ask for me to pick them a mess of greens. They loved to eat them drizzled with vinegar as a spring tonic.

Spring in Maine....... what is there not to love?

Thankyou all for your enduring and wonderful support for excellent small maine farms and our produce and fresh foods, I am delighted to be able to bring this bounty to you and your family, and please remember orders for prepared foods, dairy and spices should be to me by 5 pm Wednesday, all other orders by 5 pm Thursday!


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