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New babies on the farm!

March 15 2021

We travelled to Scranton Pa over the weekend to pick up our 2 newest additions to our farm flocks! Anatolian shepherds are big, commanding livestock guardian dogs that have been bred, raised and relied upon for centuries in Turkey and other European countries.

These two big guys (named Kip and Lio) will spend their days and nights with our sheep , beef critters, chickens and pigs keeping a watchful eye out for fox, bobcat, coy dogs and coyotes that search for easy pickings on farms.

Anatolians are bred to be independent thinkers, using their wits and bulk to keep “their” charges safe. Our two boys are 10 weeks old and weigh in at just about 30 pounds. They were born on Christmas Day in farm fields in Ohio among a flock of goats, so they are well on their way to being excellent protectors of the Valley. view farm Critters.

Mature weight of 150 pounds is not uncommon , large healthy litters of pups and a lifespan of 12-15 years mean that these guys will be on the job for a good long time.. Medium to high energy, alert to changes, responsive to “their “ people and a drive to do their job will make them valuable additions to the farm and excellent companions in my rambles around the farm and fields....

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