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Mother's Day and New Spring Life

Belated happy Mother’s Day!

While never having children of my own by choice, I have had the complete joy of being surrogate mother to many many many two and four footed “children”…all that I have nurtured and loved in their own way and in my life!

AND on Sunday morning, from my incubator I heard this tiny peeping, and here is my first of many to come, a tiny little Sebastopol gosling…..and since these babies imprint on the first living being they see, yup, you guessed it… I am now officially Mother Goose….the joy of motherhood, my own version of Mother’s Day !… for the next week or two, whenever this little one hears my voice ,he or she will begin to peep and holler away. When I put my hand into the brooder box, this tiny baby scoots right into the palm of my hand for a cuddle. In the brooder box and house I will keep them for another week or so until they begin to get larger and a bit more self sufficient.

From there the babies graduate into a secure outdoor pen and our adult geese will gather around them curious as to who or what these little critters are. For a week or so, I will keep them separated, and, in a magical moment of freedom, I will open the pen doors and all the “Aunties and Uncles” (geese that is) that have been keeping a curious eye on them will gather around the newcomers, herd them into the pond, show them the farm boundaries , where they can forage for the best greens and bugs but most importantly keep them safe from predators…there is not many more formidable protectors than adult geese…. Even my big dogs give them wide, wide berth….

Our Cumberland market begins this Saturday, and I will have fiddleheads, ramps, asparagus and rhubarb to offer up. We have also included them on this weeks food list, well all except for the asparagus… I just received a call that a farmer has a bunch for sale, so if you’d like some, let me know!

Additionally, we will be changing our food delivery system around for the warmer months, it is my intent to get our food sit out on Sunday evening, and if you’d like to order we will put an order together for you for pick up at market on Wednesday, or I will deliver to you after market in Falmouth for our Portland customers. My Lewiston and Auburn friends can still enjoy a delivery on Saturday or you can make a visit to the Red Shed farm store here at the farm . This is a decision that has been made out of necessity due to limited amounts of free time ,farm help and the rising cost of gas. So, our delivery will happen as usual on Frida this week, but next week it’ll change . Gosh, will the rising prices ever end? Seems doubtful….

As always, please scoot out to enjoy what local great foods our excellent small Maine farmers have to offer at markets, most have begun operation!

Your ongoing patronage and commitment to Valley View Farm and local foods is an important part of feeding your family and friends all the best in farm fresh foods!

My small needy friend and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Happy Spring,


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