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Molly the Maine Coon Cat

What is happening with these temps folks?

Wow, sure makes it tough to keep up with our watering and my outside critters gosh ! We keep fans on all that are near electricity, and fill the water troughs daily, But it has been brutal! We are feeding out hay now, and I have never had to do that before, but our fields are so very dry and supply no forage. Oh well…… life in Maine….

Tomatoes……Cukes….. Corn!!!! Now comes that avalanche of produce, and it is sooooooo good! Unfortunately, our blueberry crop has just about come to an end, I am unsure about any future availability of the world blueberries, but I do have to thank everyone that ordered this year, we moved 780 pounds ! And of our latest animal residents , last week I recieved a phone call from a “nearby” neighbor ( we really do not have any neighbors) asking if I would take in a very friendly ,pregnant stray cat that had been hanging around for the past 2 weeks.. ok, sure I said, bring her over…..

And so , here “she “ is… Molly. One of the largest maine coon cats I have seen, huge double paws, she has been declawed on all four paws, and covered in mats….she has made herself at home, and adores being adored.. and I say SHE… until I can get her to a vets for a grooming job, I am not sure about the boy or girl part… the mats make this cat look pregnant…. Poor cat, but here she will stay… Anyhow folks, stay as cool as possible, and keep enjoying our great local foods!!! So much goodness now available! Kath

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