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Long Weekend Rememberance

Good evening All,

Memorial Day weekend, start to our summer fun , and for me, a time for reflecting on all the wonderful folks that have come in and out of my life, that have given me the gift of their time and learning, that gave without hesitation their love and honesty …. So many souls, all hard working farmers,fishermen,homesteaders,foragers,generous folks that were souls of the land and sea and offered to me many many life lessons. Some I learned easily and others……well, they might have taken me a bit longer, but those are the lessons that I remember and use greatfully. I am and have been blessed by friends gone by but also friends that I can call upon today.. thank you all.

We are headed to market this week, and we will gladly assemble your orders for you to pick up at market..our market days are Wednesday 10-1 in Falmouth and Saturday 10-1 in Cumberland . Please send me your orders at least 24 hours in advance ! Come on over to market, we have so many great vendors selling excellent produce and crafts… let’s fill up the pantry…. I know that many of you begin to welcome summer visitors , fresh local food is always in great demand…

And on another note, my former farm helper ,KC, came back to spend a bit of time with his family before diving into the world of career driven work in IT at John Hopkins university. KC is going into his junior year next year and he stopped over for a visit with us, what a great bright young fella… I miss him lots and lots, he was capable, responsible , worked hard and loved my big dog boys who practically became unglued at their delight in seeing him! Two big dogs at about 125 pound each could not get enough of his attention, and let him know how much they missed him…. Made me kinda jealous!

I have a good supply of fiddleheads and ramps, baby lettuce and spinach, we do have herb seedlings and I will get that list out to everyone in the next day or so….

Happy summer, and know that I am greatful for all of you and for your support of local foods and our fabulous small Maine farms!\

Keep on watering !


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