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Hot...and Chicks!

Hot.... hot... HOT!!!!

Is this Maine? Wow, heat like this is usually only felt in August and just for a few days..... gosh.

Our farm animals take a hit with temps and humidity like this, egg production drops way off, we water everyone and then have to make another round again, 3- 4 times every day... the greenhouse gets a frequent watering too... I think with the heat and dryness our asparagus and rhubarb will be dwindling away, we have a pretty large crop of it, but the supply will become limited.. beet greens are in this week and fresh dug carrots too! If you haven’t yet, take an hour or two and visit one (or more) of our local farmers markets ! Variety ,colors, and great local foods are just some of the offerings in our Maine farmers markets. And these good folks spend so many hours harvesting ,washing and delivering to our patrons....we’d love to see you! Stay cool, please be careful in this heat.. I appreciate your support of local foods and all of the excellent small Maine farms, you are important to us.....please let me know how I can fill your frig and cupboards! Kath

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