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Easter Eggs

Good morning folks!

What an amazing start to the week! AND ,will you look at these brilliant egg colors! We run a large flock of many breeds of chickens and our eggs range in color from deep brown to the pastel greens and blues…. I can box up these eggs with the colors of your choice at no extra charge…… and they taste just the same (maybe even better) !!!

Our product list is included on the bottom of this email for the week, we will begin to offer herbs and vegetable seedlings by the end of April for sale.

So, my message to all of you is short this week, I am in hopes for ramps and fiddleheads by the end of the month , the rhubarb and asparagus is just beginning to pop up too!

Feel free to let me know what I can deliver to you, and please accept my grateful thanks for your continuing support of my farm and our other local food producers...thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gratefully yours,


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