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Baby Chicks, Ducklings, Quail, Goslings, Rabbits, and KITTENS!

Good Morning All!

Babies abound ! Baby chicks, soon to hatch ducklings, quail ,goslings, rabbits and KITTENS! Anyone looking for a cute little kitten? These little ones are from our barn cats . Our cats are excellent mousers, very adept at feeding themselves and quite small when full grown. While their parents are not friendly to pat, I collect their babies when just weaned and raise them in the house for a week or so to get them used to litter boxes and being held. I have 6 available right now, 2 tigers, 2 black with white splashes and 2 marmalade … let me know if you might be interested! We are coming to the end of fiddleheads and ramps, our season is rapidly marching on! I will have fresh shiitake mushrooms this week, just had a farmer call and ask if I would take his crop , so, let me know if you are interested.. $14.00 pound ! Asparagus has been so tender and tasty, and while I do not have any fresh strawberries this week, I still have frozen that would be delicious with rhubarb in pies….. Stay strong and healthy my friends and please let me know how I can continue to fill your refrigerators and freezers… whole chicken will be available this week, buy multiples for a better price!

Again as always I appreciate your commitment to local foods and our excellent small Maine farms, and out I go to plant for an hour or so this morning….. Grateful for you all...


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