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25 and counting……..

Good morning All,

Twins and a single early this morning…… and here they are : 2 boys and a girl ! All healthy , robust babies and being carefully tended by their adoring moms!  25 babies now in total, these bouncing young critters make my morning, noon and night observation of the flock much more entertaining.

I travelled an hour north this weekend to receive the first  run of maple syrup for the season. Most producers will be running their evaporators early this year to take advantage of our “warmer” outdoor temperatures and reap the full bounty of this wonderful tasty natural sweetener. A full 3 weeks early this year , earlier than ever before!

Early spring start up of our greenhouse will begin late this week, benches swept, 

Cut back of herbs overwintered in the greenhouse, seed benches will begin to warm up for early vegetable seeding….it’s coming folks!

 Our usual delivery day is Friday this week,let us know how we can fill your frig and pantry!  We have a few more corned beef (3-4 pound size) available for reservation… let me know as soon as you can and thanks to all that have already reserved  their traditional holiday meal!

Grateful for this life I lead and grateful for all of you that support our local farms and local foods!

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