Good Morning all!

The list keeps growing and growing! We have a very limited supply of pickling cukes this week (yummy) and shell peas. The shell peas will not last long, they are one of the crops in our fine state that do not hold up well in the heat. Grab ‘em while you can!

We still have asparagus for a bit longer, strawberrries are amazing and gorgeous, garlic scapes are being cut ( so good grilled or turned in to a savory butter), and cute colorful multi colored beets. I hope to irrigate the rhubarb and have that hold on for another week, and beet greens will be available for another week or so. The last of the winter storage potatoes went to the piggies and chickens last week. We were culling out so many that it was becoming counter productive. However, the fingerlings continue to be firm and delicious, and I have a good many of those still to go through.

Available by preorder for your July 4th holiday get together will be fresh Valley View Farm turkeys ! Small birds 5- 11 pounds, just right for deep frying or slow cooking on the grill.

Our farm animals endure this heat by disappearing into the deep shade of the field pines. My Anatolian puppies (now almost 75 pounds each )beat the heat by dashing in and out of the farm ponds and then rolling gleefully in the compost piles. So these great large white dogs of mine with the smiling dark faces turn into glorious deep dark chocolate mud balls, so happy , just like kids in mud puddles…. But , in their minds, best of all is the thrill of dashing to me covered in this mud and sharing the “wealth”. Now I am not afraid of getting dirty every day of my life but REALLY boys? This is a different kind of dirty. Oh well, farm life, I sure do love it!

I hope that you all are getting out to the markets or into your gardens , this is the time of year we dream about in the depths of winter.. enjoy……. The seasons will turn soon enough….

As always, it is my great pleasure to offer up excellent products and produce from our amazing small Maine farms, I appreciate all of you…..

Stay cool,


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Good day all ! I hope you enjoyed the brilliant weekend, we’ve been busy planting, planting and more planting here.

Strawberries are in ! Woooo hooo! They will be added to the food list for this week: fresh, deep red, juicy berries. Picked when RIPE, they are bursting with flavor ( as compared to the grocery store variety that have hollow heart, are white in the middle and are relatively flavorless). Now, that also means that Maine grown berries are incredibly fragile and are best fresh, frozen or turned into jam. BUT that also means that raspberries, blueberries and blackberrries are not too far away in season. Who doesn’t have memories of Grammie's strawberry shortcake or strawberry rhubarb pie????

We will have beet greens this week, locally grown shiitake mushrooms, baby chard and fresh cut basil ! I will imagine that local peas, zucchini and cukes are in the picking window very, very soon!

Our farm flocks continue to expand here, we let our chickens out everyday after they lay their eggs ( they pretty much roam from noon time til dark),they help turn the compost piles ,move mulch around the plantings and do some “secret laying”. And that means that we are having little baby chicks hatch out here and there. Mamma raised babies of ANY variety are always healthy and thrive like no other, but that also means that a lot of roosters are born, but gosh are they cute when they first hatch.

Rain is desperately needed for our gardens and new plantings, so lets’ keep our fingers crossed that there will be more in the future(except on market days). Speaking of markets, the Wednesday and Saturday markets we attend have been wonderfully busy, our friends are eager to buy from familiar faces and to meet some new ones too.... I hope you all take some time to visit our Maine farmers markets, they are fun, exciting places to be!

As always our grateful thanks for your support, and as an added bonus, our frozen soups will be on sale this week to create some space for incoming poultry ,and red meats..... check out the listing, all will be first come first serve, so don’t delay!


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Hot.... hot... HOT!!!!

Is this Maine? Wow, heat like this is usually only felt in August and just for a few days..... gosh.

Our farm animals take a hit with temps and humidity like this, egg production drops way off, we water everyone and then have to make another round again, 3- 4 times every day... the greenhouse gets a frequent watering too... I think with the heat and dryness our asparagus and rhubarb will be dwindling away, we have a pretty large crop of it, but the supply will become limited.. beet greens are in this week and fresh dug carrots too! If you haven’t yet, take an hour or two and visit one (or more) of our local farmers markets ! Variety ,colors, and great local foods are just some of the offerings in our Maine farmers markets. And these good folks spend so many hours harvesting ,washing and delivering to our patrons....we’d love to see you! Stay cool, please be careful in this heat.. I appreciate your support of local foods and all of the excellent small Maine farms, you are important to us.....please let me know how I can fill your frig and cupboards! Kath

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