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Winding Down of "Summah"!

Good morning All!

It’s a paperwork kinda day today, although I did score a whole bunch of wild plums and the beginnings of wild plum jam will be simmering on the stove top this afternoon !

Often times folks will ask me the difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs, and lookie here! I found a comparison that breaks down the difference for us all to think on…and another fact for duck versus chicken eggs from our farm. Our chickens are kept at night in a large enclosure ( for their own darn good) and offered grain to supplement their daytime free range foraging… while our ducks roam at all times and eat whatever they want to eat, when they want to eat it ! Thereby making their diet much more “natural”…..

This week I intend to go back to Friday home deliveries, we still will offer Wednesday Falmouth market pick up for those of you that like to come to shop around…..

So, Happy Labor Day. ! I look forward to seeing all of you folks either at market or when I deliver, and as always , my grateful thanks for your continued support of local foods and our excellent Maine farmers and producers!


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