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We are now at 8!

Good morning All, 

Our baby lamb total now stands at 8 healthy happy bouncy babies! They are so very very cute! We have so many more to come, and I enjoy every single one of them. So far no needy bottle babies and while I do enjoy one or two it is also a very very good thing to have “Mom” take care of these little bundles of joy!

Lovely longer days are happening now, noticeable ( by an hour) increase in sunlight, the air feels different and the light feels different too….get out and grab some sunshine , it is joyous and energizing!

Pat has made some awesome Mashed potato Soup for our food list this week. Made with local potatoes ,garlic, onion,butter and vegetable stock. It is a smooth soup and truly satisfying.

We still have a good supply of winter vegetables, , potatoes are beginning to recognize the early spring signs and  the eyes are starting to become more noticeable…… 

Delivery will be Friday this week, and I look  forward to hearing from you!

Grateful thanks for your solid support of local foods, farms and excellent small producers !

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