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Visiting Puppy

Good morning All,

A little bit of rain has helped out significantly in our area, but we sure could use a few days of steady gentle rain, rather than the whoppers that the thunderstorms bring…… and where the HECK did the month of July go ? I am so not ready for it to be August …..

The native corn crop has arrived in full force! And the blueberry crop this year is fantastic! Please take the time to enjoy these local flavors while fresh… there is no comparison to big box store bought produce ! I will have another 1 or 2 loads of the 10 pound boxes of native low bush blueberries delivered this week, please let me know if you’d like another saved for you… I have moved 500 pounds so far this year!

And for the last week, we have had a 3 month old English shepherd puppy with us that belongs to my niece… Nyla has been a very good girl, sharp, sharp little puppy teeth, lots of energy, and wow can she find stuff to chew that she should not.

Thank you all again for supporting our local foods and excellent small Maine farms, shop at a farmers market or roadside stand if you get a chance…….

I look forward to hearing from you and gratefully appreciate your business!


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