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Turkeys Still Available!

Goooooooood afternoon All…..

So what happened to the 50 degree temps that our weather predictors promised for today? Maine happened that’s what……temps are on a slight rise though because the fog was thick thick thick! It was hard to see the borders of the fields today it was a so dense….. We have a very very large order to gather and pack Thursday, so all deliveries will happen Saturday this week, and the Red Shed will be closed for retail business Thursday (just this week though) because we need to get this special order packed and ready to go for Friday morning. Over the years here in Auburn, I have been very privileged to cultivate a mutually agreeable relationship with Bates college, the professors and their students. This order is a direct result of that relationship. I have had some wonderful students intern here with me to learn the ins and outs of agriculture. Some discovered early on that it was NOT for them, and others have gone on to incorporate ag in some aspect of their professional lives. AND, as much as they learned (hopefully)from me, I have learned so much more from them ! I keep in contact with many of them and some do return to visit and see what new developments have transpired. And, upon request from a customer, I inquired from our dairy gal if her milk and dairy products were pasteurized. They are not…… no wonder they taste so dang good! I really really enjoy her yogurt! Have you tried it yet? Orders for holiday turkey ( I have just a few live ones left) fresh duck and goose are now being accepted, please let me know sooner rather than later , I want to make sure we have all that we need. I do also have some 8 plus pound hams in my freezer available for holiday meals. Additionally Katie Made bakery will again offer up their pie list for pre orders ! So don’t delay , and as always, my grateful thanks and appreciation for all of you that help to support our fabulous local foods and excellent small Maine farms……….. Grateful for all of you Kath

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