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Tomato Time

Good Morning All,

Another week under our belts, we’ve managed to dodge the bullet of Henri, and hopefully the high humidity will break! Weeds are getting thick and tall now, they enjoy this high humidity and take every advantage to grow out of bounds….

My college bound farm helpers have headed off to school for the season. I will miss them, I forget how much I rely on their helping hands and ready to do anything additive. I wish them luck but silently regret that they will not be around to help through the fall… DARN!

True farm fresh produce continues to tumble in, we have dropped the silver queen all white corn and the French green beans. Our Yellow corn variety is in it’s last week. BUT the melons are just now starting to come along. And if any of you took advantage of the cantaloupe last week, you know how sweet and juicy they are.. I will have them again this week, but please do not hesitate in your ordering. They will not be around for long. I anticipate local watermelon for NEXT week. Soooooo good!

Canning tomatoes and pickling cukes will be available for home canning and reserving, email me or call for availability.

Finally, I will be visiting my family at their summer cottage in New Hampshire for a few days this week, and will (unfortunately) miss Wednesday market. Life will go on here at the farm while I am away thanks to my trustworthy homesteader helpers, and I will gather your orders for Friday delivery.

I appreciate all of you and your ongoing commitment to fresh excellent local foods! Thank you, thank you!

I hope you can all enjoy the waning days of summer, it sure has been one to remember!



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