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Tiaras and Pearls!

Good day All!

What a gorgeous fall day! Sorry to be tardy with my list, we have been helping a good friend clear out her house so that she can move to a tiny home, and just now got back to the farm……

And did anyone ever say that a bright red pig could not (or should not) wear a tiara and pearls? Well we do like to break the etiquette rules just a tad around here… “Ruby” is our official greater at the entrance to the Red Shed on Sopers Mill Road… I have a bit more bling to add to her wardrobe, but she do be styling! Winter storage veggies are filling the bins and the colors , almost as beautiful as our foliage!

Drop me a line and let me know what we can pack up for your orders this week. I can deliver to Wednesday market or make Friday deliveries too.

Thankyou again for your ongoing support of our great local foods and excellent small Maine farms………stay well, AND

You are GREATFULLY appreciated!


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