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Taking the week “off”

Good morning All, 

What a week last week! After the storm we went out to assess the “damage”…. Pretty messy here, 

No power or cable, trees down on wires, the whole plastic sheet from the high tunnel completely torn to shreds, garage roof needs replacing  and Violet, well as you can tell, she is JUST NOT HAPPY about it ( or maybe just that I have forced her into yet another costume) at all….

Power was finally returned Dec 24 and cable on the 25th! Silence now reigns supreme again after the stand by generators were shut down. I am thankful that we have them, but good golly, they make a constant humming and after awhile……

So, with that being said, I know that our refrigerator is full full full, and I have heard from others that they are overloaded with holiday goodies….

So, we will be taking this week off to do more cleanup and repair..

But will resume all of the farm raised goodness for orders in the New Year…

I hope that all are well, and that the upcoming New Year holds all things delightful.

From our storm tossed farm to you, wishing all good things and glad that I have great folks that appreciate local foods and my goofy weekly updates!

Happy New Year!


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