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Spring Weather and Seeding

Wow !

What a way to begin the day! Mild morning temps with hardly a breath of wind, I step out the door this morning and am greeted by 10 little lambs, grazing all around our back steps and side yard. They have discovered an opening in the fence just big enough for them to slip through, and the siren call of green grass and a bit of independence from their moms it too great to ignore…although, if their moms call they zip right back to their side…… never let an opportunity for a quick drink of mom’s milk slip away.. they are very close to being weaned but still listen to mom when they call…another indication that I have still more fence work to do.

I have covered the rhubarb with compost and remay to help with early spring germination and the asparagus will be burned over to remove the winter debris today or tomorrow, then covered with the same heavy layer of compost. The compost will get these early spring crops off to a super healthy quick start.

We are seeding and transplanting in the greenhouse, I have so many plans on order this year! Ambitious plans are always in order for this time of year…… we are also in the process of erecting another 40 by 100 foot high tunnel, always so satisfying to see those structures go up, it will be a god year before I am able to plant in there, the soil will need to be strongly amended with a summer and winter cover crop sown on it to add to the captured nitrogen .

So a few items will disappear from this weeks’ list but the variety is still good . Please let me know if you are searching for something special not on the list , I am more than glad to find it for you!

As always, I appreciate your ongoing support of local foods and our amazing small Maine farms…..

Delivery will be Friday, and happy spring!


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