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Shooting Stars

Good morning all !

4 o’clock in the morning seems like a teeny tiny bit of a stretch when you are all snuggled up in a cozy warm bed to hop out and bundle up to look at the shooting stars……BUT what a show!

I tiptoed ( about as quietly as a freight train in my old house) down the stairs at 4a.m this morning, dressed in my woolies and long johns, asked my little dog Violet if she wanted to go outside with me ( are you KIDDING she said and put her head back under her blanket),tossed on heavy boots and filled a thermos with hot coffee , rousted my big dog boys out of their winter pen…..

They are always up for an adventure…….

And sat for almost an hour to watch the “Fireflies “ of the sky . We are at almost total darkness here at the farm, very little urban light pollution, so the display was awesome and well worth the early morning rise. Meteor shower watching was a pastime that as little kids we enjoyed with my Dad so I thought a lot about him this morning.

My big boys enjoy any excuse to snuggle up next to me and hold my hand or wrist in their mouths and vigorously exfoliate any exposed skin with their joyful licking…..almost a year old now ,Kip and Leo are slowly working their way into their jobs of farm guardian dogs. They will live their lives outside with the sheep, ducks geese and chickens, protecting and warning away any predators foolish enough to venture into “their “ territory, and vigorously protecting when the need arises.


This is the last week to order holiday pies, I have 2 turkeys left that could be ordered, duck and goose too, 8 pound hams , pork roasts and a few beef roasts available as well. So, reserve your holiday meals and pies now , I will deliver Friday this week and THURSDAY (the 23rd)next week. Fresh duck, turkey and goose will be ready by Thursday next week.

Holiday week order deadline will be WEDNESDAY December 22.

Again and again I am reminded how lucky I am to be offering up our local fresh farm foods, and how fortunate I am to live in the wonderful state…… thank you all…. Really and truly,


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