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Ramping Up the Markets

Good afternoon all!

We got the Saturday market in Cumberland off to a super start with market temps topping out at 86 degrees!

It was a scorcher, and at market we are always so grateful for our canopies… the market was full of buyers and we had many vendors set up, fiddleheads ,ramps and asparagus were in great demand! Seedlings for the flower borders and vegetable gardens were well in evidence too!

We will be selling at the Falmouth Farmers market this Wednesday from 10-1 behind Wal-mart in the little park near the skating arena….

Please try to stop by. We have just about 20 vendors and a really awesome array of gods to choose from.

Our food list this week is included, I hope to offer you all market pick up of orders for Wednesday , and we will also try to schedule for food deliveries after market shuts down. Our Lewiston and Auburn folks can either pick up at the Red Shed at the Farm or delivery will be arranged for Friday.

So, not to create much confusion, but if folks ordering for Wednesday pick up /deliveries could get your food list to me today (Monday) or tomorrow by noon, we will be able to pick, wash and pack for a full bountiful day at Market!

AND, as I wrote last week, just 4 days ago, I let out the baby goslings from their front lawn pen and my “Mother Goose “duties have been removed , taken over by the Aunties and Uncle geese successfully and quite bossily I might add!

Now they all emphatically are saying STAY AWAY FROM OUR BABIES! Bossy, bossy, bossy!

I hope to hear from you soon, and feel free to email me with any questions or comments!

Happy Spring to All !


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