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New farm family member ... Barry!

Good Morning All!

This past weekend, we welcomed Barry to our ever expanding farm family!

Eleven years old, Barry is a Scottish collie, and just as sweet as can be. Joe has wanted an another larger in house dog, preferably an older dog in need of a home, and midweek last week, Barry came to Valley View Farm ! Well behaved, well loved, his former owners wanted him to have more of an outdoor active life, and we will make sure he has it here.Miss Violet is happy to see him, our house cats, not so much, but they will get over it. We will give him another week or so and then introduce  him to our big big boys.. they can be just a bit overwhelming, goof balls that they are.

Beginning this week Spicy Staples will be offering a 20 % off sale for the remainder of the holidays… let us know what we can put together for you…Jon’s spices and spice blends are the perfect holiday gift!

So the snow  yesterday made treacherous going on our back country roads, but goodness, soooooo pretty. The rain helped the snow to cling to the branches creating a strong outline on all the forests. Yippee!!! Winter is here!

We have added some new soups to our list this week, thankyou to all that ordered our freezer specials on soups last week to fill the winter freezers.

We look forward to hearing from you, our delivery this week will be Friday.

Thanks again, from our farm family to yours.. we appreciate you!


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