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...More Lamb Babies!

Good morning all!

Heading out the door this morning, I am so reminded that while our days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter, winter still has a pretty strong hold on our state…..brrrr.

4 new babies were welcomed to this plane over the weekend, throng healthy and firmly attached to their moms, they are the sentinels of spring to come. We only have only little gal in the house this season so far, in years pas we have had up to 5 bottle fed babies. And this imp is a bouncy saucily little thing that likes to curl up on my feet, and when she decides it is time for her bottle will let me know loudly and in no uncertain terms that I had better HURRY UP! However , she goes out to be with the rest of the flock for the day, so she is headed out to play in the hay pretty soon……

So I appreciate all of your continued support for local foods and our excellent small Maine farms….. seeds starting will begin soon and planning for the spring and summer farmers markets are well under way…..

Stay warm and happy, I look forward to hearing from you soon, and the weather looks good for Friday delivery!

Again, my thanks!


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