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Lots of Lambs!

Oh My Goodness!

Where did all of this sticky white cement that fell from the sky come from ?

What a disaster to plow, shovel, chisel and wade through……BUT life in Maine and New England …..just wait a moment and it will change yet again! In the meantime the heating oil prices continues to creep up, but I keep my wood stoves full. Thank goodness for our ample woodlot.

But all least the days are longer (yay) the baby lambs are growing, although the ladies seem to have taken a bit of a break from offering up any more , such in itself is unusual. We usually have a whole bunch all at once, and then a gradual taper off, but all are healthy, bouncy and so fun to snuggle…..

I am beginning to see the slow signs of spring in the winter storage vegetables, potatoes beginning to get eyes, the apples are not staying quite as firm, we are coming to the end of the zukes, summer and winter squashes, and this will be the last week for bell peppers. And through all of this I have to sort, sort, sort. The sheep and horses and chickens are happy though, to them go the spoils!

We are also trying to transition away from plastic bags, I have looked into compostable bags, and possibly will try to offer our produce in those. When last I looked at them they were quite expensive (comparatively) and not very strong. Maybe there have been improvements made . I do thankyou all for recycling back to us the paper bags, egg cartons and the reusable shopping bags that I scored a bunch of a few weeks back. My thrifty Yankee soul is very happy when I get those returns!

Anyhow, stay safe and warm, keep wearing the creepers on your shoes, they are a requirement around the farm, I look forward to hearing from you and if there is something you would like not on my list let me know!!!!


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