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Jammie Time of Year

After a gorgeous fall weekend, today and into the early part of the week we are going to be reminded that fall is really here and winter is not too far behind. Our farmers’ markets (Falmouth and Cumberland) come to an end this week and not a moment too soon!

My sheep have begun to add to their thick coarse winter coats, our chickens are frantically scratching through the compost and leaf piles searching for the grubs and worms that will begin to tunnel their way into the earth for a winter snooze. The turkeys are really adding on the weight along with ducks and geese too.

Our wood stoves have been cranked up to take off the chill, I miss having my doors and windows open for the fresh air, but gosh, I really enjoy cozying up to my woodstoves, especially after coming in this morning soaked and chilled from the rain!

So often I am asked at market if I make all of the delicious prepared foods and soups we offer. From May through mid October my standard response is “no, this time of year, the only thing I make is a MESS, and I am really, really good at it!”. Honestly , that is totally true, I am lucky to have a gifted local chef that prepares all our foods, and many times I have appreciated his efforts when I drag myself into the house at the end of a looooooong day and grab one of his soups or mac and cheese from the coolers. BUT, I will begin to make wood stove top soups and stews that will simmer and meld flavors throughout the winter.

So off I go today, I have found a local source of quince that I am simmering on the wood stove now to make quince jam, stay tuned for that sweet tart offering next week!

Stay warm and dry, I do appreciate everyone of you that buy, support and savor the local “flavor”!


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