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Good morning all!

Brilliant sunlight along with crisp cold temps at the farm this morning, the wood stoves are filled and running, heating the drafty corners of this 1889 built farm house.

Our lambing season is well underway, we have 10 little ones in the lambing pen with their moms, I do expect more on the way, and we will welcome them in their own good time. It is like having a surprise party every morning when I head out to feed the big puppy boys, fill the water tubs and add hay to the feeders.

All the moms are being super attentive this season, but I have my bottle baby supplies ready to go…. Bottle babies come into the house for extra attention and care, frequently we have them from first year moms that don’t quite “get” the concept. BUT all is well so far…..however, the season is still early.

New this week is a great group of warming spices from the chef’s cupboard and at the shop we have a good selection of blends and single spices. And, we have added a group of Maine made sauces…. Pretty in the bottles and excellent for adding a bit of zip to your menu!

We are keeping an eye on the weather, delivery might need to happen on Saturday this week, I appreciate you all being flexible with our uncertain weather , and while my Subaru is amazing in the snow, I am not as confident about the other drivers on the roads, and so usually will stay here at the farm on icky driving days.

As always, I appreciate your commitment to local foods, and excellent small Maine farms.

We are trying to transition to paper, returnable bags and to eliminate plastic , I recently scored a large amount of reusable handled bags and THANK YOU to all of you that have been returning them..

Stay warm, healthy and HAPPY!


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