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Happy Summer All!

Happy summer All,

These 3 day weekends throw me for a loop ! I always enjoy them, but it sets my schedule way, way behind….

Welcome rain this weekend, and while we might ASK Mother Nature to be gentle we can only accept what she sends us, so a deluge of rain filled my ponds, made my ducks and geese deliriously happy, soaked the turkeys and meat birds in their covered pens and made the grass and weeds explode out of the ground !

And ultimately, the rain fully damaged the strawberries and raspberries ( that were looking soooo delicious) and probably wiped those crops out for the season or at least the next week. So those of you that did grab the strawberries while you could, lucky you!

This week we add local white spine pickling cukes, a scrumptious white salad turnip, and small tender head lettuces. Shell peas are pretty much over for the season but I do have the sugar snap peas in a limited amount, so grab ‘em while you can!

Always grateful for my foodie friends and your continued support of our awesome local foods and farms, we appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to hearing from you every week…

Take care and I hope you are able to enjoy this great summer in Maine !


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