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Geese and Signs of Fall

Hi All!

I saw my first V of geese fly overhead this weekend! What? Oh no….. that seems a bit too early….. other signs of fall ? Pumpkin picking and winter squash harvest, so many colors

and great winter bounty, our “wild “ apples trees are weighted down this year.. great forage for the sheep, turkeys and pigs. Our holiday turkeys are roaming the yard during daylight hours, picking bugs and grit and gravel from the driveway. They head back into their pens at dusk for their evening meal of grain. Easy keepers so long as the hawks don’t spy them and flash down for an easy meal of fresh bird. The younger turkeys in particular are prime size for these guys as they migrate through to their winter hunting grounds.

In the farm house, we have 2 young kittens, honest to goodness,,the energy and crazy antics of these youngsters! So funny…….anyone want one? Or two? I am serious, I’ll send photos if you are interested! They come from good mouser stocks, their parents patrol our barns and pens keeping the rodents down.

Our melon season has just about come to an end, I will try to fill orders for them, but they are becoming very scarce. Cukes too, seem to be slowing down along with zukes and summer squash!

The cooler night temps will be helpful in hardening up the apples , and it adds an extra bit of sweetness to the corn…. So darn good!

As always, my thanks for your ongoing support of local foods and excellent small Maine farms, stop by one of the local farmers markets when you are out and about!

So much bounty to choose from!


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