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Florida Bound!

Great glorious morning all!

Siting here at my desk for a moment to get this weeks product list out before dashing outside to get some yard and fencing work completed before the ground gets too soft and smushy… my big puppy boys will be along to help ,of course, their help consists of happy mayhem: tugging at my sweatshirt sleeves, begging for big belly rubs, grabbing the fencing pliers and wire and digging great glorious holes looking for mice ,voles or possibly “China”. But, the only china they will find are the broken fragments from farms of 100 years ago or so.. those I will add to my bucket of bits and pieces and someday will make an awesome mosaic !

Delivery will be Friday this week, and probably about Friday midnight I will hop into my loaded up car and head to the Florida panhandle for a week to 10 days.

Visiting friends, local farmer friends, farmers markets and the panhandle beaches

(Have you ever been there? Glorious!), I will deliver a car load of civil war re-enactment clothing to a friend of mine who is wintering their ”jones” about for a few days before heading back to our emergent spring weather….

So there will be no deliveries the week of March 18, but Linda will be at the shop keeping it fully stocked up and ready for you to take a journey out to see her.

Stop by, we appreciate your ongoing support of local foods and our excellent small Maine farms!

happy almost spring,

Kathy Shaw

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