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See You at the Markets!

Good morning friends of local farms!

I appreciate your loyalty and support , this Saturday begins the first of our outdoor markets that we will attend! Saturday in Cumberland at the town hall from 10-1 and Wednesday in Falmouth behind Walmart from 10-2... farmers’ markets are a great way to shop for even more diverse products where you can meet and chat up the vendors, learn about our locally produced foods and crafts, and meet some great hardworking dedicated folks. I have participated in farmers markets for more than 20 years , customer interactions and relationships with market goers is as important to me as selling our farm products. Stop by our markets, or attend one of the many in our state. You will be surprised at the variety, abundance and genuine enthusiasm our farmers and crafters will greet you with!

Our list this week will feature the addition of bunches of baby carrots with greens on! Fiddleheads are still in abundance , ramps are slowing down, arugula is tender and delicious, rhubarb is awesome, and asparagus.....what to say about asparagus..... So good and tender...excellent on the grill tossed with olive oil, sea salt and finished with lemon. If I have an extra second (ha!)I will pickle some, and pickle some fiddleheads too for fall and winter eating. I tried to dig dandelion greens for those of you that asked about them, but they had already begun to flower up and when that happens they get so very bitter... I will keep my eyes open for some younger greens this week.

Some items will be dropping out of the list, russet potatoes are finished for this season, zucchini and most of the winter squashes have been offered to the sheep and pigs. However, it will not be many weeks and we will get into the full swing of cucumbers and so many other foods that we dream of during the colder months. As the weather improves and more of us are being fully vaccinated , I have been meeting many of you for the very first time in more than than a year of deliveries! How nice to finally meet and greet ! And I know that I have said this before but I am grateful to be on the providing end of our food system for you and your family and friends. So, for now enjoy the sunshine and the gorgeous blooming trees and shrubs all around us....glorious spring in Maine Grateful to be so blessed, Kath

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