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Farm Additions and Growth

Good sunny day to ALL!

Yay for temps over 30 ! Longer days, brighter sunshine and more baby lambs, spring is on the way! And speaking of on the way…….. this little bummer( not my name for her ,that’s what they are called by the large flock breeders) baby lamb that we have in the house bottle feeding is on her way OUT of the house today! What havoc and mess she creates, just as cute as a button, but a pest on four legs! She is into everything and what she isn’t into she pulls apart ,so out she goes with the rest of the group. She will protest and holler, I still will give her 3 or 4 bottles of formula a day , and eventually she will discover that it is ok to be a lamb and will follow the flock.

I am finishing up another big project today….. putting the final touches on a large federal grant that is due by the end of the week to (hopefully) receive funding to build a poultry processing facility here at the farm and larger walk-in cooler along with a commercial kitchen. This is all part of my long range farm plan and if successful will add a great component to making our farm better equipped to offer more services and products using our locally grown birds and valued added farm raised foods. Keeping my fingers crossed, cross a few of yours for us too please?

And off I go, thankyou for your continued support of fresh local foods and our excellent small Maine farms. All of the boxes and bags you return come in handy and help to keep our out of pocket costs down. The canning jars are easily reused and also greatly appreciate!

Hope to hear from you soon, and with grateful thanks out I go (baby lamb in tow)!


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