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Even the Mice Want to Stay Warm!

Good morning all !

Blustery winds, heavy rains, no frost, leaves blowing everywhere…….. last week’s weather turned our barnyard into a muddy sloppy mess! I enjoy the enduring fall weather, but REALLY Mother Nature, REALLY?

And so the season continues on here at the farm, trying to finish the pre winter cleanup, draining hoses, installing tank heaters for the sheep and all the birds , cleaning out the shelters and adding deep bedding, and stacking firewood….AND chasing and trapping MICE! Yucky little critters, this drafty old farm house provides plenty of entry points for ‘em, and I have a house cat that thinks because of her advanced years she is too much of a diva to even try to catch them…I need to keep one of my barn kittens instead for finding new great homes for them. Oh well, life is indeed moving on, and our daylight hours are getting slim. Off we need to go to accomplish a few more outside tasks. Thank you all for your ongoing support of local farms and excellent Maine foods. We greatly appreciate YOU ! Our hours the week of November 21 to 27th will be a bit different at the Red Shed due to the holiday week , and for everyone that ordered a fresh bird, they will be ready for pick up or delivery Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week . I’ll be calling ya to make arrangements …… Friday deliver this week as always,


Download flyer for The Red Shed below. Please note the special hours for Thanksgiving Week.

Red Shed flyer_Thanksgiving week
Download PDF • 1.06MB

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