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Employment and Loving Laps Needed

Good morning All !

After the refreshing and much need rain yesterday, today brilliant sunshine…. Maybe the pollen will be washed away too!

Our barn kitten babies are now looking for loving homes, indoors or out, they make great pets, and are excellent mousers too! The barn cats here at the farm are smaller than most cats, but wow can they catch mice ! I will gladly provide more photos if you are thinking about adding a bundle of energy to your household.

Greens , radishes and salad turnips and garlic scapes are available now, and the strawberries……. So super sweet !

Seedlings are in good supply and there is PLENTY of planting time to get them into the ground … let us know if you are searching for replacement tomatoes peppers or cukes, I hear that the squirrels and chipmunks have been a bit pesky this spring and have hit the gardens hard…..

We have completed the gating around the farmhouse and greenhouses so our sheep, horses and beef critters now graze around the buildings to help with grass and weed control… BUT … no bare feet around the farm please, you never know what you might step in !

As always, our grateful support for your continuing support of our local awesome small farms and crafters, all of you have helped to make our great commitment to local foods one of the great reasons to continue. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at markets!


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