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Early Apples are Ready!

Good afternoon All,

Hope that your weekend was filled with fun, family and excellent local foods! I have been seeing many of you at markets and hoping that you are enjoying the variety and abundance as much as I am! So many lovely colors, and so many awesome flavors…….

Corn is in and while I basically carry the 2 color sugar and gold variety, I can also get pure yellow corn and an all white. Both have their own unique flavor , I really enjoy the all yellow for the hearty eating experience (so good on a grill roasted ) and the all white has a very tender kernel and flavor. Both of these varieties are a very short season crop, please let me know if you’d like to try them.

Early apples are available now, we have a Paula Red (excellent eating ) and a yellow transparent (good to eat but BETTER for pies and sauces). Early apples do not have long keeping capacity, so better to just get a few and eat them right up , when the nights begin to get cooler, the apples will respond by getting a thicker skin and that will extend their firmness and keeping quality. I plan to travel to Massachusetts to load up on yellow peaches, a white fleshed peach and nectarines….. grown by orchardists that have had a long time relationship with my family ( more than 4 generations) I enjoy making my way to visit them and listen to tales they tell of my father, grandfather and great grandfather ,of simpler times well before all the gadgets and gizmos we all take for granted now. And of course, driving back to Maine loaded down with the most scrumptious fragrant fruit . I will bring back a lot for all of my market customers and Friday food friends….stay tuned!

I continue to be grateful for all of my customers that share in the bounty of what we can grow here in Maine, please let me know if there is something you are looking for, I can usually find it among my farmer friends!

Take good care,


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