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Duck, duck...poop!

Cool weather sleeping………..dew on the grass in the morning………….gold, scarlet and brilliant yellow on the trees on our country roads….. fall mums……. pumpkins of all colors in the rainbow …….gorgeous red, red apples on trees in orchards cultivated and wild……..and best of all? NO BUGS ! Yippee, they are gone! Even the ticks that were horrible this early spring have been unseen for the past almost 3 months…you bet, I am fallin’ for fall… I do every year.

So, last night at 3 am, I bolted from my snug little bed by the sounds of ducks quacking and quacking in the pond in front of our farmhouse…..oh gosh, that means raccoons, coy dogs, predators of some type going after our ducks! RUN, RUN RUN to grab the spotlight, yelling for my husband to grab the rifle, hurry up something BAD is happening. In my barefeet and long wooly robe I run out to defend the lives or our birds, prepared to see some sort of nightmarish scene……………….OH NOOOOOOOO , they were having a party and forgot to let us know…..yup, 3 am and they are having the best time splashing and playing and chasing each other all the while hollering at the top of their mighty duck lungs. OK, so I trudge back to the house relieved that we don’t have a massacre and then, CRAP! Barefeet and all I stepped and then SLIPPED in it…..I said a few more choice words than crap, but you get the picture….NOT PRETTY….and now it is 3:30 AM.

This week we have a new menu for the month, cantaloupes have vanished for the season, watermelons are becoming scarce. Corn is beginning to become as short as our daylight, and the shiitake mushrooms have begun to bloom in the cooler weather, and if you have enjoyed the peaches this will be the last week for them too….

As always , I appreciate your support and consideration for our excellent small Maine farms, I am fortunate to do what I love and love what I do…. I look forward to chatting with you all, Happy Fall !


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