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Boy Scouts Enjoy the Farm!

Boy Scouts of America

Good morning all!

And yet ANOTHER busy week and weekend here at the farm! Between the downfall of rain and pea sized hail that we received on Friday, our farm ponds are full to the brim and the ducks and geese are so very, very happy! Produce is coming in in abundance, and daily I receive calls from other farmer friends asking if I will add onto my list with their extra offerings… We have a great supply of high bush blueberries, the small “wild “ ones will be arriving soon. Radicchio, green beans, French green beans, and yellow beans are very plentiful. Sadly, the shell and sugar snap peas have finished up. Eggplant (a slim purple variety and a Rosa Blanca) and purple peppers are on the list this week. Cukes! Yippee! Slicing and picklers are in , we all wait for those don’t we? We had a visiting Boy Scout troop here over the weekend. 20 adventuresome scouts and their leaders stayed here at the farm, I love to see all the tents set up in one of our fields. This group visits us every other year and they spend the weekend canoeing the Androscoggin and doing a bit of trail clearing on the farm. The scouts visited with all the farm animals and asked lots and lots of great questions…. Most were very intrigued by my mini horse Ted.. and the reason? Well, Ted only has one eye, he had to have it removed years and years ago but watching him run and cavort around the fields you would never know. He is a friendly guy and loves lots of attention which he got in abundance. My wonderful family also arrived for a working visit. So, we visit, we work, we play and eat wonderful yummy local foods. The very best of all worlds……. Grateful for all of your ongoing support of our local farms, local foods and small businesses. I am seeing so many of you at our farmers’ markets. We really appreciate you!!!! I hope your summer is going well, I am really not sure where July went, but it rapidly is coming to a close … as always, please let me know if there is anything that we can supply.. canning and pickling needs we can accommodate as our season progresses…. Kath

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