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Boot Creepers Required!

Good morning All!

I imagine that most of you have hauled out the long wooly layers that are standard Maine garb for January ,February and into March….. here at the farm we have to haul out another layer….. the CREEPERS for our boots! The 8 inches of snow last week were topped by a heavy coating of rain, and every plowed surface turned into a smooooooooth slick skating rink.

With the temps being so low, sand really does not stick to the shiny surface, I hesitate to use the commercial salt products as I am not sure how our free ranging ducks and geese will react to them. So creepers it is then…….even the horses and sheep tred cautiously on these surfaces…. The creepers make stepping a bit easier especially with the latest layer of snow over all this morning….

We are going to run the same product list this week as last , we have been peeling winter squash and freezing, I had a farmer call with large roasting chickens that I have filled the freezer with, the lamb supply is ok for another week ( thankyou to all that ordered),

And I have some fresh 3 pound rabbits in the freezer too!

Stay safe out there my friends, I plan to deliver Friday this week, and please know that I appreciate each and everyone of you for your continuing support of local foods and our excellent small Maine farms! AND, I gratefully thank you all for your recycling back to me the boxes, egg cartons and reusable shopping bags! My thrifty Yankee heart is happy!

Out I go to visit with the lambs ,their mamas and my big fluffy Anatolian boys, keeping my fingers crossed for more new babies !

Thankyou again, and again!


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