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Blueberries Have Arrived!

Good morning All,

Another week in the books for our Maine summer… gosh wouldn’t a few days of steady rain be welcomed? I cannot remember a summer when it has been this dry… my sheep, mini horses and beef critters have always had a tough time keeping up the the grass, but not this year. For the very first time, I am having to supplement their feed with our large round bales, and we usually plant only use those after September throughout the winter… hope I have enough!

Linda will be picking our high bush blueberries this week so I plan to have some for all of you and for markets. The bushes are loaded and my goodness are they sweet! I did get a call from my wild blue berry provider and he plans to begin their harvest midweek next week… so , those delicious Maine treats will be arriving in 10 pound boxes ,perfect for freezer storage ( the boxes are the size of a large shoebox) for $30.00 this year. I am taking early reservations for them , feel free to let me know if you’d like one or more reserved for you! I usually toss a bunch in my freezer to have for the whole winter !

And a brief up date on my nephew Walt (thank you all who ask on his progress)…

He had a day long surgical procedure Friday to graft muscle and skin to rebuild the damage to his arm and the prognosis is excellent. He hopes to leave the hospital this week, returning home with much physical therapy to follow… he is one lucky guy……..

And so, I hope to hear from you with what I might supply for your grocery needs, but please do take a few moments to visit one of our farmers’ markets or one of the many in our fabulous state... the abundance of produce is mind boggling, local foods and local farmers are amazing!

Grateful I am for all of you!


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