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Big Guard Pups

Ooooh baby it is COLD outside! I am just in from romping and tussling with my one year old (today) big boys! Slip sliding on the ice, big belly rubs (theirs not mine) and lots of joyful barking, Kip and Lio have been a wonderfully LARGE addition to my farm and my life.

Weighing in now at about 140 pounds, these big puppies (still for another year) they are watchful, gentle, loving and totally submissive to my scrappy little 12 pound house dog Violet. They could easily squish her with one big paw, but they bow down to her and listen as she barkingly reprimands them and reminds them “Who is Boss”.

Kip and Lio are bred to withstand freezing cold temps with a thick undercoat of fur and even if asked to come inside, they prefer to remain out with the sheep and mini horses, they take their job very seriously and do not like to be away from them for our long…, as much as I would like to have them in taking up all the floor space in my living room , and counter surfing for snacks, they are so totally happy outside … and it is in their blood and breeding.

Our chef has requested a month off from prepared food making to focus on his health. Bitten by a tick early this summer, the symptoms of Lyme disease have made it painful for him to continue on and he needs to rest and recover.

I do have a few additions this week that I did not get to my farm helper/computer genius gal Linda in time:

A tangy lemon basil pesto 4 ounces for $4.50 made with fresh basil, lemon, pine nuts, parmesan and a bit of salt. A great addition to pasta dishes and vegetables.

Apple molasses 4 ounces for $4.50 and 8 ounces for $7.50 , apple molasses is made by woodstove top reduction of apple cider until it is a smooth tasty apple syrup, great over ice cream or as a marinade for pork.

Peanut butter balls. 3 for $3.75 creamy peanut butter dipped in dark chocolate, a great little snack for after dinner.

Grateful as always for your ongoing support of local foods and our excellent, excellent small Maine farms! I am blessed to know you all and have you share in the wonder of my everyday life!


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