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2024! Another year in the making……

Best wishes to everyone in the New Year!

Thank you to all that reached out to offer help last week… while we did have quite a mess to clean up here, we did “get ‘er done”… new plastic sheet on the high tunnel , shingles replaced on the roof, and seemingly a thousand million other tasks to accomplish…. Luckily the weather accommodated….. very lucky indeed…

I am ever so grateful to you all and for all of your generous offers…

We enter into the winter season with a good supply of winter storage crops, plenty of lettuces and spinach ,cabbages,squashes and root crops……

We have run through all of our fingerling potatoes, I will plan to grow more in the coming year.

Finally, our  sheep are getting rounder and rounder… lambs are not too far away, stay posted for photos!

So, from all of us here at the farm, thank you for your support of local foods and excellent small farms and crafters….small businesses are the lifeblood and backbone of our community!

Always grateful,


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