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Good morning All!!!! 

So we filled the incubators on Sunday….do we need more chicks? Good golly NO, but there is something sweet and enduring  about watching those developing babies in an egg and being present when they break through the shell…… I marvel at the tenacity of life and how those little ones come from the shell and are ready to eat and drink just through instinct… I hatch all kinds of birds, chickens, turkey quail…. Ducks and geese require a bit more work but what satisfaction when I am successful.

The early warm temps means that we will be able to harvest fiddleheads and ramps a bit earlier this season, however, the tics are probably going to be very very bad this season. I had my big dogs out for a romp in the woods around the farm yesterday and luckily because their coats are a cream color, I was able to pick those bad guys off the fur of the boys before they got into the undercoat ……….ick, just ick…….

Our chickens are laying happily right now, so we have plenty of eggs, all colors, mediums, smalls, extra large and jumbo. If you would like white eggs for coloring let me know! We will be glad to package them up for you.

And so, we appreciate all of our weekly shoppers, your support of our small farmers, crafters and suppliers helps contribute to our buy local way of life! 

I look forward to hearing from you all, and am ever so grateful!

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Good morning All,

Seems that the last of our lamb births are behind us and now it is the time for chicks!

 Yesterday, early afternoon , I received a phone call ( an unexpected one at that) from a local feed store that they had  an abundance of 4 day old chicks that they needed to move. And so, I agreed to head over and pick them up….. WELL….. I did not ask HOW MANY  they had , I assumed 10 or 20 , but OH NO….  Over 250 tiny little babies all hollering and yelling . Lucky me, I spent the next 3 hours getting them settled our grocery needs for the week… I do have one corned beef  and located under heat lamps to keep off the chill air and guiding them towards the feeders and water fonts….. A fun time was had by all, mainly ME!

These little babies will be our next flock of egg layers for the later summer markets. 

Day light savings time means longer outside time for me, and after the rains of Saturday night and Sunday ( 5 inches!) there is much erosion and washouts to clean up..

Delivery will be Friday this week, please let me know how we can fill your grocery order with delicious local foods and products! Thankyou to all that ordered in advance our marvelous corned beef, I do have one, just one, left that has not been reserved! 

My grateful thanks for your continued support of our farm and our multiple farm families!

I look forward to talking to you all soon!


Kathy Shaw

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Good morning All!

The baby boom seems to be over for right now, the largest healthiest amount of lambs I have had at the farm in a good few years!

We will be ear tagging this weekend , helpful to decide which gals I will be keeping and who will be moving to new homes, sometimes folks worry that this type of marking is harmful, but it equates to an ear piercing  procedure, simple and quick! …. The market is strong for lambs this year, I have had many folks come to see and hug pour babies , but these little ones need another few weeks before they are ready to move out… however, they do take every opportunity to escape to the hay “ mountain “ and practice their leaps and bounds!

With sunset coming later each day, I find myself out working around until almost dusk, AND slogging through the thick,thick mud! I have had to install a boot brush near the back door this season, and a boot scraper too. I and (I am sure you) make every moment off this longer day count ! 

Thank you all in advance for your ongoing support of local foods, and small Maine farmers and crafters! The planning phase is ongoing for our Farmers’ market season… it will be a great, great year, tentatively scheduled to begin the Wednesday ( in Falmouth) and Saturday( in Cumberland)  after the  Mother’s Day  holiday! 

 So, get out and enjoy the longer, milder days… seems Winter is vanishing  before our eyes!

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