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Locally grown and sourced dairy, produce, and protein from small Maine farms, and farms in the New England area

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Welcome to Valley View Farm!!!

Farming........ love it or leave it....there is no midway point in this life...... and farming has been my focus and my life for as many years as my memory goes back to.


Welcome to Valley View farm....ours is a diverse, multifaceted farming operation that keeps me very, very busy from sun-up to well after sunset . Operating at the end of a dead end road on more than 75 acres of agriculturally protected land, we strive to live sustainably and responsibly, with the ultimate intent of providing excellent locally raised, ethically treated ,no chemicals at all food for our family, friends and community.


In the following pages you’ll see a few of the animals that we raise, some of the crops  we grow, and much of the love and care that goes into our farm and farm yard.


Please feel free to contact me at with questions and comments, I welcome any and all feed back. Even after 20 plus years here at this location, we continue to evolve, grow and (sometimes) drastically change our farming operations, but never, ever using harmful chemicals, hormones or synthetic drugs on our land, our crops and animals.

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